de Adam Mason


Danny and Nicky are two very drug addled addicts. Together, they share all kinds of experiences in a decadent mansion, where all sorts of visitors wander about: girlfriends, a father who’s about to get married and, of course, the dealer. One day, Danny decides to lay off drugs once and for all. Obviously, Nicky isn’t going to like this, and he’ll do his utmost so his friend won’t jump the addiction ship. Deranged relationships, highly surrealistic and violent scenes and a long list of hilarious characters populate this harsh comedy movie.


Adam Mason

A London Film School grad, he developed his professional career in the field of music videos and shorts before debuting with The 13th Sign (00). Broken (05) brought him his first international hit and he later continued his career with The Devil's Chair (06), Blood River (08) and Pig (10), all presented in Sitges.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Oficial Noves Visions - Dark
Original language: English