de Jon Wright



J. J. Abrams isn’t alone in his nostalgic burst of entertaining eighties fantastic movies. Following in the wake of Gremlins and their ability to mutate into another genera with the same ease that Mystique from the X Men sheds her skin, Grabbers offers a feast for lovers of monsters and laughs. Comedy and horror come together in this film that takes place in a coastal town, where a policeman and his flamboyant, attractive assistant will have to face a hoard of slimy little sea creatures… and some inhabitants that are used to knocking back a few day in and day out.


Jon Wright

Belfast, 1971. After studying English literature and cinema, he worked making commercials (Microsoft, the Irish government...) and music videos. He immediately took the big leap to short film and in 2009, to feature length with Tormented.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: English