Ace Attorney

de Takashi Miike


In his extensive filmography, Takashi Miike has done remakes of Japanese film classics, screen versions of mangas and even perversions of Western genres like the spaghetti western. Now he takes a highly popular videogame saga to the big screen, set in a future where criminal proceedings have become unbridled trials that can only last three days. Faced with this scenario, young attorney Phoenix Wright must manage to bring out the best in himself to solve his mentor’s mysterious murder. Like a version of Witness for the Prosecution not suitable for epileptics, with Gyakuten Saiban Miike has achieved one of his biggest box office hits in his native country.


Takashi Miike

He cut his teeth on innumerable TV and video productions before making a name for himself with Audition (99) and Ichi the Killer (01). His extensive filmography includes big hits like Zebraman (04), Crows Zero (08) or 13 Assassins (10).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Casa Àsia
Original language: Japanese