La memoria del muerto

de Valentin Javier Dimet


Following her husband Jorge’s death, Alicia calls her friends together with the intention of reading them a letter he left for them before dying; but beneath this lovely proposal lies the dark intention of carrying out a heinous ritual. During the course of the night, the house will become full of visions from the beyond and the guests will perceive them one after another. Although far from its geographical Mediterranean coordinates, the spirit of giallo is reluctant to disappear. On this occasion, it is an Argentinean filmmaker who overwhelms the screen with saturated colors and impossible camera angles, illustrating a sinuous screenplay, full of morbid turns. 


Valentin Javier Dimet

Born in Argentina in 1967, he is a member of the Películas V production company, as well as a screenwriter and director for television, a teacher and editor of the Mabuse website. He directed El Sentido del Miedo (07), the TV movie El Propietario (08) and the documentary Parapolicial Negro (10).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: Spanish