Two of the most adored directors in Sitges join forces in this episodic feature film that fantasizes about three visions of the Apocalypse. In A Brave New World, an epidemic spreads causing those infected to gradually look more and more like a horde of zombies. The Heavenly Creature considers the possibility that Buddha may have been reincarnated as a robot. Finally, in Happy Birthday a girl’s wish takes the shape of a meteorite whose impact could destroy the planet. Science fiction garnished with humor for one of this season’s main attractions, rounded off by its formal virtuosity and an all-star Korean cinema cast.


Kim Jee-Wong

With films like A Tale of Two Sisters (03) or I Saw the Devil (10), Kim has made a very personal approach to genres like horror and thrillers.

Yim Pil-Sung

Yim is one of the huge talents in Korean genre cinema, as proven by Antarctic Journal (05) and Hansel and Gretel (07).


Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: Korean