Despite the Gods

de Penny Vozniak


When you’re David Lynch’s daughter, you have to be used to strange things happening to you. But no one prepared Jennifer for what it means to shoot a fantastic film in India. The clash between Hollywood-esque meticulousness and Bollywood chaos didn’t take long to appear, and accidents happened one after another starting the very first day of shooting. With the project going under, on her own with her daughter in an inhospitable country and with the camera as her only confidant, the filmmaker can only escape the negative spiral by embracing the frenetic Hindu confusion. Make no mistake; Despite the Gods is already an essential reference to understand the glories and miseries of making movies. 


Penny Vozniak

A documentary and music video director, a chance encounter with Jennifer Lynch brought about Despite the Gods, her first feature length film. She is presently absorbed in an eight year project about real superheroes and a musical documentary produced in Kabul.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Noves Visions - No Ficció
Original language: Hindi, English