Star of David: Beauty Hunting

de Noribumi Suzuki


Tatsuya was born as the result of rape. Now, having grown into a young and rich millionaire, his father’s intrinsic evil seems to have infected his genes, and he devotes his time to seducing women to later kidnap them and submit them to all sorts of humiliations. One of his victims manages to escape, but as she runs to look for help she bumps right into Tatsuya’s father, who will return her to captivity. This way, rape will become a family hobby. Debido no hoshi: bishojo gari is, without a doubt, one of the Nikkatsu Corporation´s most sordid productions; a fierce concoction of the Marquis de Sade’s philosophy with the demeanors of Japanese pink cinema.


Noribumi Suzuki

Born in Shizuoka in 1933, he began to work at the Toei production company as an assistant director for Masahiro Makino, Tai Kato and Tomu Uchida. Among his most emblematic titles are Red Peony Gambler (68) or Tokugawa Sex Ban (72). In 1985, he received an honorary award at the Yokohama festival.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Mondo Macabro
Original language: Japanese