Assault! Jack the Ripper

de Yasuharu Hasabe


Recently hired as a waitress, Yuri convinces Ken, a pastry chef, to take her home. The key to convincing him is the promise that the next day he’ll wake next to her. Plans are one thing and reality is another: in the middle of their trip, they run over and kill a girl and then drive off. When they get home, the rush kicks in and Yuri can’t think of anything better to do than suggest to Ken that they repeat it the following night and kill again. With a plot that David Cronenberg could have signed onto, this delirious example of what violent Pink is bathes sexual drives in blood.


Yasuharu Hasabe

1932-2009. Known for his work in the violent Pink subgenre, he stands out for movies like Assault! Jack the Ripper (76), Rape! (76), Rape! 13th Hour (77) and Raping! (78). Other genre films by Hasebe: Black Tight Killers (66) and Alleycat Rock series (70).


Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Mondo Macabro
Original language: Japanese