de Jennifer Lynch



A woman and her son take a taxi to return home, but unfortunately are picked up by a driver who turns out to be a serial killer that has been making the most of his job for years to carry out his dubious hobby. The boy winds up shackled in the killer’s house, who orders him to keep the house tidy, eat only his leftovers and clean up after each time he finishes off a new victim. Years go by and the boy, nicknamed Rabbit, has grown older: the moment has come to see what he’s become after so many years of violence. Jennifer Lynch returns to Sitges with a movie that goes beyond the classic serial killer film. And she’s accompanied by a colossal Vincent D'Onofrio.


Jennifer Lynch

Philadelphia, 1968. When she was nineteen she wrote the screenplay for Boxing Helena, a film she would go on to shoot in 1993. After working in television and producing short films, she returned to directing with Surveillance, which won the award for best motion picture in Sitges in 2008.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: English