At her high school, no one understands Pauline. Her mother, a fervent Catholic, doesn’t either. Only her little sister, suffering from cystic fibrosis, isn’t revolted by her obsession with surgery and dissections. The young woman tries to ignore the rejection, but beating inside her is a growing sexual desire, that she needs to satisfy no matter what. But her fantasies involve certain uncommon elements... Combining comedy, juvenile angst and surgical gore, and with a cast riddled with special guest appearances (Malcom McDowell, John Waters...), Excision has been confirmed as a perfect pop horror piece.


Richard Bates Jr.

He graduated from the Tisch Art School in New York. In 2008 he directed the short film Excision, with which he was a big hit at almost fifty festivals around the world, winning 24 awards. His feature length debut is a conveniently corrected and extended version of this work.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: English