The Life of Budori Gusuko

de Sugii Gisaburo



Budori lives happily in the woods with his parents and his little sister, but the arrival of an endless winter will wind up snatching his family away from him. Alone, the young man will be forced to abandon his home and search for new horizons in the country and in the city. During this long journey he will run into different characters that will decisively influence his growth in life. Based on the novel by Kenji Miyazawa, considered in Japan to be the greatest children’s writer of the 20th century, The Life of Budori Gusuko conceals, beneath a sweet, impeccable animation, a tale of education imbued with environmentalism that reflects on the place we occupy in the world.


Sugii Gisaburo

Numazu, 1940. Working as an animator in Toei he became friends with Osamu Tezuka, with whom he was a close collaborator. He debuted as a director with Jack and the Beanstalk (74), and received wide recognition with Night on the Galactic Railroad (85) and Tale of Genji (87), two of his most personal works, also present in Sitges this year.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Anima't
Original language: Japanese