Friends Naki on the Monster Island

de Takashi Yamazaki i Ryuichi Yagi


Where do monsters live? In the universe of this little animation gem for the whole family, it’s on an island in the middle of a lake. We are in a country similar to Japan, where humans refer to the fearsome island as the Island of the Monsters, from which they always keep a safe distance. Kotake will be in charge of changing this, when he reaches there and meets Naki, a red ogre who doesn’t have many friends among the monsters and who decides to take care of the small human. The two of them will live happily, until Kotake misses his parents and wants to return home.


Takashi Yamazaki i Ryuichi Yagi

Yagi comes from the world of special effects and has worked as CGI director. Yamazaki is a director, screenwriter and visual effects creator. He won awards for best director and best screenplay from the Japanese Academy for Always. Sunset on Third Street (05).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Sitges Family
Original language: Japanese