One morning, Bafiokadié and his sister Téné, two African children, leave their village with just one thing on their mind: to find their lost blue bird. Their journey, however, will bring them much more than that: along the way they’ll encounter their deceased grandparents, they will enter the Kingdom of the Future, go deep into the Forest... Based on Maurice Maeterlink’s play, Blue Bird combines fantasy with more realistic signs. The film was shot in Togo with non-professional actors, but it has the visual strength of a stylized, perennial blue toned movie.


Gust Van Den Berghe

Borgerhout, 1985. A multidisciplinary artist, he studied Audiovisuals in Brussels. His final thesis, Petit bébé Jésus de Flandr (10), was presented at the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, where Blue Bird also premiered.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: