de Koji Wakamatsu


If there is a filmmaker who always maintains a radical tone, that’s Koji Wakamatsu. Politically–take his politically active films, from the sixties– as well as formally. Wakamatsu settles into the Second World War, when a Japanese soldier returns home, having been made a hero and devoid of his extremities following a violent fire. Converted into a sort of human caterpillar, deprived of movement and speech, it won’t be long before the man insistently asks his wife for sex. Little by little the atmosphere becomes strained, casting doubt upon the cantankerous war hero.


Koji Wakamatsu

Wakuja, Japan, 1936. After working as a construction worker he began in pink films. His work is always political: both for their discourse and how he films, always pushing them to the limits. His filmography includes outstanding films like: Secrets Behind the Wall (65), Go, Go Second Time Virgin (69) and United Red Army (08).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: Japanese