Vous n'avez encore rien vu

de Alain Resnais


A famous playwright has passed away. His regular actors are invited to his home to watch and participate in the final performance of Eurídice. All of them are also the regular artists who work with filmmaker Alain Resnais, who has produced a film full of nostalgic tones, which plays with theater while extolling the magic of cinema at the same time. Who would have thought that a director with so many years of experience would be one of the ones in charge of continuing to explore the possibilities of cinema? Characters that shed their skin, spaces that appear from out of nowhere... a celebration of the art of creating.


Alain Resnais

Vannes, France, 1922. While not strictly belonging to the Nouvelle Vague, he was a part of the adjoining Rive Gauche movement (along with filmmakers like Marker, Duras or Varda). He has made two of the most important movies in film history: Nuit et brouillard (55) and Hiroshima, mon amour (59).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: French