de Conor McMahon


When will parents understand that hiring a clown for their children’s birthday always brings problems? Just take a look, for example, at John Wayne Gacy... In this film, however, the one who loses out is the clown himself, a poor man with the stage name of “Stitches”, who won’t come out alive from the mischief that Tom and his friends have prepared for him. Six years later, Tom is in now an adolescent about to turn sixteen, and both he and his friends still like to celebrate their birthdays in style. What they don’t know is that good old Stitches will be coming back from the tomb to get even...


Conor McMahon

With years of experience as a film editor, McMahon has directed several shorts and the feature lengths Dead Meat (04), The Disturbed (09), Stitches, Midnight X-Treme award winner in 2012, and From the Dark.  

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: English