Dracula 3D

de Dario Argento


Transylvania, 1893. Jonathan Harker, a young librarian, arrives in the town of Passo Borgo to work for Count Dracula. Annoyed by his host’s eccentricities, it won’t be long before Jonathan discovers that the Count is a true menace, especially for his wife, Mina. Sound familiar? One of the most mythical stories in fantastic cinema falls into the hands of one of the great masters of horror. Shot in three dimensions, this Dracula according to Argento arrives loaded with huge doses of blood, sweat and lots of loose necklines.


Dario Argento

Rome, 1940. Along with Mario Bava, he is the great architect of Italian horror movies, specifically, of giallo, which distinguished both of them. A regular in Sitges, where he received the Time Machine Award in 1999, Argento is responsible for masterpieces like Deep Red (75) and Suspiria (77).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Official Fantàstic Galas
Original language: English