The Seasoning House

de Paul Hyett



Angel is an orphaned deaf mute, enslaved in a brothel where she administers drugs to the girls who are kidnapped and forced to prostitute themselves to the military and civilians. Despite the environment’s sleaziness, she is the vivid image of innocence, although hidden underneath her façade is a deaf rage. When the men who wiped out her family come to the brothel, Angel sets a plan in motion to take revenge on them and escape from captivity. Paul Hyett, a makeup effects expert to whom we owe many of the shivers that recent British cinema has given us, debuts in directing with a brutal and oppressive exhibition of atrocities.


Paul Hyett

With two decades of experience in the makeup effects field, Hyett’s work can be appreciated in Neil Marshall’s filmography and in movies like Eden Lake (08), Heartless (09) or Attack the Block (11), all seen in Sitges. The Seasoning House is his first feature length film.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: English