Post Tenebras Lux

de Carlos Reygadas


A girl is playing with some dogs. The ground is muddy. And the sky trembles, with colors, lights, thunder. We might just be witnessing the most hypnotic start of the season. With a camera, unstable and intense, glued to the characters, offering an image that splits slightly in two. Carlos Reygadas has made a movie where the devil himself slips into a family home, where disquiet slowly settles in, in the middle of everyday sequences. Aesthetically powerful (winner of best director at Cannes), Post Tenebras Lux includes the director’s wife and children, playing a family that sinks deep into darkness.


Carlos Reygadas

Mexico, 1971. He studied international Law in Mexico and London. He didn’t take the big leap into cinema until the mid-nineties, when he made his first short film. Since then he has worked as a director, a screenwriter and a producer. His feature length films are: Japón (02), Batalla en el cielo (05) and Luz silenciosa (07).

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: Spanish