Lee's Adventure

de Frant Gwo i Yang Li


Lee suffers from Time Perception Disorder, a psychological illness that causes him horrible confusion when it comes to capturing the passing of time. Self-contained and bored, he usually kills time playing videogames. Everything will change when he meets Wang Qian, who is suffering from the same disorder. They fall in love, but an accident will turn Lee’s fragile world upside-down. This premise that’s closer to romance than to action harbors an adrenalin-filled film like few others, with innumerable layers (next to it, Inception is like a joke) and where real image is combined with animation.


Frant Gwo i Yang Li

Gwo is the executive director of Concord Media, where he works in film, television and advertising. In 2007, Li began the animation short Lee’s Adventure. Together they have turned this project into a feature length film.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Casa Àsia
Original language: Chinese