Hotel Transilvania 3D

de Genndy Tartakovsky


Since birth, Mavis has lived in a luxury hotel, named Transylvania, created to protect monsters from the human threat. Mavis is about to become of age (no less than 118 years old!) and her father, count Dracula, is preparing a party for her that none of the family’s closest friends will miss: from Frankenstein to the Invisible Man or the Mummy, as well as a human who’s crashed the celebration and who will fall in love with Mavis. With a dream team of little monsters and sublime animation, Hotel Transylvania will delight children and dazzle all those who still believe in horror stories.


Genndy Tartakovsky

Known for his work in animated series like Dexter’s Laboratory (96-03), The Powerpuff Girls (98-00), Samurai Jack (01–04) and Star Wars: Clone Wars (03-05), he debuts now in feature length directing with Hotel Transylvania.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Sitges Family
Original language: Spanish (doubled)