Crazy & Thief

de Cory McAbee



A seven year old girl guides her brother through a very special adventure. Through their eyes, reality becomes a fantastic universe: adults are seen as giants, the streets take on the shape of a star map and, on the horizon, there is the promise of a trip in time. With Crazy and Thief, Cory McAbee wanted to make a movie that reflected the vision of the world a child might have, without imposing the distance of an adult vision and respecting irreplaceable sensations of discovery and surprise.


Cory McAbee

Born in Northern California, McAbee took his first steps in show business when he enrolled as an actor in a theater company. Leader of the musical group The Billy Nayer Show, his multimedia project The Billy Nayer Chronicles was presented at Sundance. In the year 2000 he directed his first feature length film, The American Astronaut.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Noves Visions - Small format
Original language: English