The Bay

de Barry Levinson



The sea is the livelihood of the small coastal town of Claridge, in Chesapeake Bay. That’s why when two French biological researchers discover an extremely high level of toxicity in the water, the mayor will refuse to announce it to avoid spreading panic. Soon afterwards, the town is devastated by a plague of parasites that invade the human body, with horrible consequences. Hollywood veteran Barry Levinson surprises people far and wide with this virulent venture into horror with the digital texture of found footage and a rabid ecological undertone.


Barry Levinson

Baltimore, Maryland, 1942. After working as a screenwriter on The Carol Burnett Show, he debuted as a director with Diner (82). Afterwards, films like Young Sherlock Holmes (85), Good Morning, Vietnam (87) or Rain Man (88) made him one of the most famous filmmakers in Hollywood.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Special Session
Original language: English