O Apostolo

de Fernando Cortizo


A recently escaped convict heads for a small village, intent on recovering the loot he’d hidden there years earlier. When he arrives, he’ll meet some strange characters who will lead him on a half fun half terrifying adventure. Sinister old people, mysterious disappearances, a very peculiar priest... All the elements that are essential to make a fantastic tale, set in the Way of St. James but with a universal scope. The ambition of O Apóstolo is reflected in a crew full of internationally famous professionals, having seduced even Philip Glass himself to compose the sound track.


Fernando Cortizo

Santiago de Compostela, 1973. He took his first steps in film in the mid-nineties, specializing in making stop motion shorts. In 2007 he created the Artefacto Producciones Production Company, with which he made shorts like Leo (07) or El cuidador de gatos (09), winners of international awards. O Apóstolo is his first feature length film.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Anima't
Original language: Spanish