God Bless America

de Bobcat Goldthwait


For Frank, it would seem that life is over. He’s divorced, he’s been fired and he just might have a terminal disease. This movie, however, is very far from My Life Without Me. Frank decides that, instead of making a list, he’ll buy a gun and start exterminating people, satisfying his frustrations and attacking everyone who seems annoying. Halfway between black comedy (with an anti-social undertone, like Sightseers) and a well-done thriller, God Bless America puts the land of freedom in the crosshairs. And on the way, it loads up on suspense and has a few laughs.


Bobcat Goldthwait

Syracuse, New York, 1962. He debuted in 1991 with the black comedy Shakes the Clown, that was followed by movies like Windy City Heat (04) or Sleeping Dogs Lie (06). He has also worked in in television.

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Oficial Noves Visions - Dark
Original language: English