Lukas is a scientist investigating the human neuronal area, with a project to transmit and share information from one brain to another. Given his experience and psychological profile, Lukas is considered the ideal candidate to undergo the definitive experiment: to connect his mind to that of a comatose woman. In this mental space, the scientist will begin a passionate relationship with her, alienating him more and more from the real world. But when Lukas starts to inject drugs into the woman’s body, for her to be able to recover physical sensations, his imaginary paradise will start to crumble. 


Kristina Buozyté

Lithuania, 1982. A film and television direction graduate at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. Her first feature film, The Collectress (08), was an award winner in her native country and participated in an enormous variety of international festivals. After Aurora, she is preparing the screen version of Christopher Priest’s novel The Glamour.

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Edition: 2012
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
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