Femme Fatales: Extracurricular Activities


Since its origins, the small screen has been a place of ideas on boiling point for genre. And so we shouldn’t be surprised that the television fiction boom experienced over the last decade has also meant the appearance of countless works that are revolutionary in their perceptions of fantastic as a serial concept. Sitges cannot remain on the fringes of these manifestations, fundamental in understanding genre today; this is why the Festival proposes a small sample of national and international productions, in order to present different ways of approaching science fiction and mystery.On the one hand, we will once again be offering the American series Femme Fatales after the excellent reception the series had at Sitges 2011. The selection of episodes on this occasion -Libra Rising, Family Business, Bad Science, Extracurricular Activities- deeply explores the sensual and actively feminist universe, a Cinemax television production.We have also reserved an important space for creations that have recently emerged from the BBC. British television is, in its own right, a key piece in the history of European fantasy, always displaying a daring conception of television formats and an exquisite taste for manipulating (and creating) pop imaginary icons.Finally, we will be presenting two TV movies produced by Televisió de Catalunya: Codi 60, a thriller inspired by the famous case of the “old lady killer”, and Joaquin Oristrell’s oneiric comedy Volare. 

Technical information

Edition: 2012
Section: Televisió Especials
Original language: English