A man hides his dog from the Islamic authorities. A girl arrives at his home fleeing precisely from the authorities. We won’t leave the house and outdoors appears to be a threat. An excellent, forceful start to a tense, critical movie where there’s a lot of room for the self-referential, for the appearance of a Jafar Panahi who, although he’s shut up at home, continues to make movies.


Jafar Panahi, Kamboziya Partovi

Panahi (Mianeh, 1960) is one of the most important directors in Iran. His house arrest for political reasons has mobilized the movie world. Partovi (Iran, 1955) he wrote the script for Panahi’s Dayereh (00) and was nominated for an Academy Award for Café Transit (07).

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Edition: 2013
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
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