Horror Stories II

de Min Kyu-dong



Yoon has the gift of reading people’s minds, and he can also perceive their past. Mr. Park, his boss at an insurance company, realizes the young man possesses a special ability and decides to put it to the test by giving him the dossier of some of the shadiest cases the company has experienced... In 2012, Horror Stories offered an unbeatable panorama of new Korean horror movies. One year later, the people responsible for it are back at it again with a new installment, full of ghostly apparitions and parallel universes.



Min Kyu-dong

Debuted with the horror film Memento Mori (99), followed by titles like All for Love (05) or All About my Wife (12). He has participated in the omnibus films Horror Stories (12) and Horror Stories 2 (13).

Technical information

Edition: 2013
Section: Focus Àsia
Original language: Korean