Grand Piano

de Eugenio Mira



A few years have gone by since pianist Tom Selznick retired following a disastrous concert. When Tom finally returns to the stage, he finds a message written on his music sheet: if you mess up one single note, you’ll die. Without moving his hands from his piano, the lead character must deal with this situation in the middle of a packed auditorium. A narrative and technical pirouette, with echoes of Rope and The Man Who Knew Too Much. And with Elijah Wood transformed into the new James Stewart.


Eugenio Mira

Castalla, Alicante, 1977. He studied filmmaking in Madrid. He debuted in the year 2000 with the short Fade, presented in Sitges, where he also showed his first feature film, The Birthday (04). He’s also worked as a composer, short film maker and 2nd unit director on Rec2.

Technical information

Edition: 2013
Section: Opening Film
Original language: English