Bad Film

de Sion Sono


The title, of course, is a lie. For many years, Bad Film was a sort of mythological animal for Sion Sono fans: a colossal project that the filmmaker shot along with the Tokyo Gagaga artistic group in 1995, when he was still a stranger. The director and his crew shot 150 hours of footage, but their budget ran out and they couldn’t finish editing it. The film was discarded until, last year, its creator got down to business and turned it into an epic and outrageous adventure. A unique opportunity to contemplate Sono’s genius in its crudest, low cost state.


Sion Sono

Poet and founder of the Tokyo Ga Ga Ga artistic project, he debuted with Bicycle Sighs in 1990. He’s one of the most radical directors on the contemporary scene for films like Suicide Club (02), Love Exposure (08) and Guilty of Romance (11).

Technical information

Edition: 2013
Section: Noves Visions - Experimenta
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