Prince Avalanche

de David Gordon Green


David Gordon Green wanted to shoot, no matter what, the rarified landscape of a forest in Texas devastated by a fire. The problem? He needed a storyline. He finally found it in an Icelandic film that fit like a glove. In the middle of the summer of ‘88, Alvin and Lance have to undertake a boring job: repaint the lines on a highway in the middle of a highway in this desolate forest. Their relationship will give rise to both humor and melancholy, in a beautiful, funny road movie on foot, with phantasmagorical touches.


David Gordon Green

He emerged from American independent cinema with films garnering awards at festivals such as All the Real Girls (2003) and Prince Avalanche (2013), screened in Sitges. Halloween Kills is his second foray into horror after Halloween (2018).

Technical information

Edition: 2013
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: English