Fairy Tail The Movie: Phoenix Priestess

de Masaya Fujimori


In addition to having a successful TV adaptation, this Hiro Mashima manga Fairy Tail now comes to the big screen with all its humor and fantasy intact. In Fairy Tail: Hoo no Miko, Lucy will meet a young girl suffering from amnesia named Eclair, whose only memory is that she must deliver the Phoenix Stone somewhere. And so Lucy will decide to help the girl complete her mission, kicking off a brand new adventure.


Masaya Fujimori

He has worked as an animator on different TV productions and video and directed the feature length films Heart and Yummie (10), Gekijouan anime Nintama rantarou: Ninjutsu gakuen zenin shutsudou! No dan (11) and Fairy Tail: Hoo no Miko.

Technical information

Edition: 2013
Section: Anima't
Original language: Japanese