An apparent accident at a uranium factory in South Korea del Sur masks the robbery of sixteen pieces of pure uranium. Eight hours later, an airplane crashes in the Chinese mountains and a flight attendant disappears with an explosive device that, if combined with the uranium, could create a nuclear bomb. In the next six hours, the artifact is set to go off in Hong Kong. 


Longman Leung, Sunny Luk

As directors, they demonstrated their skills with flying colors in their first film, the blockbuster Cold War, that headed the 2012 Hong Kong box offices. It picked up nine awards, among them best feature film at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Technical information

HONG KONG, 2015DirectorsLongman Leung, Sunny LukProducerCatherine KwanScreenplayLongman Leung, Sunny LukCinematographyJason KwanSpecial effectsYee Kwok Leung, Eric Lai, Jules LinCastJacky Cheung, Nick Cheung

Edition: 2015
Section: Oficial Òrbita
Original language: