de Rick Alverson


On tour around the California desert, a comedian in a downward spiral clings to the promise of a Hollywood contract and the possibility of getting back in touch with his daughter. Starring a Gregg Turkington aspiring to become one of the Festival icons this year thanks to his interpretation of the least funniest comedian we’ve ever seen, Entertainment stands out as an existential and peculiar indie odyssey.


Rick Alverson

Musician and filmmaker, he’s the leader of the group Spokane. He’s directed four feature lengths, The Builder (10), New Jerusalem (11), The Comedy (12) and Entertainment, selected at festivals like Rotterdam or Sundance.

Technical information

UNITED STATES, 2015DirectorRick Alverson ProducersRyan Zacarias, Ryan Lough, George Rush, Brooke Bernard, Rick Alverson, Patrick Hibler, Alex Lipschultz ScreenplayRick Alverson, Gregg Turkington, Tim HeideckerCinematographyLorenzo HagermanVisual effectsKirby ConnCastGregg Turkington, Annabella Lwin

Edition: 2015
Section: Noves Visions Plus Inauguration
Original language: English