Belladonna of Sadness

de Eiichi Yamamoto


After being insulted by a feudal lord, Jeanne makes a pact with the Devil in order to obtain magic powers. Produced by Osamu Tezuka, Belladonna of Sadness is a cult anime with an indescribable erotic, fantasy imaginary and aesthetics somewhere between psychedelia and art noveau that receives a new luster in this 4K version restored from the original negative.


Eiichi Yamamoto

Born in 1940, he founded the Mushi Production Company with Osamu Tezuka, where he wrote and directed different projects like the outstanding adult anime trilogy Animerama, consisting of A Thousand and One Nights (69), Cleopatra (70) and Belladonna of Sadness. 

Technical information

JAPAN, 1973DirectorEiichi YamamotoProducerOsamu TezukaScreenplayYoshiyuki Fukuda, Eiichi Yamamoto

Edition: 2015
Section: Sitges Clàssics
Original language: Japanese