Absolutely Anything

de Terry Jones



An alien council (whose voices belong to none other than Monty Python) gives a random guy the ability to do anything he wants. If he proves he can use his powers to do good, they’ll invite the Earth to join the council of interplanetary sages. If not, they’ll simply destroy the planet. A fantastic comedy with the surreal wit that characterizes the Python guys’ brilliant humor.


Terry Jones

Comedian, writer, and director, he’s a member of Monty Python. He directed films conceived by the group like Life of Brian (79) or The Meaning of Life (83). He also made Personal Services (87) and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (96).

Technical information

UNITED KINGDOM / UNITED STATES, 2015DirectorTerry JonesProducersBill Jones, Ben TimlettScreenplayTery Jones, Gavin ScottCinematographyPeter HannanSpecial effectsBob HollowCastSimon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale

Edition: 2015
Section: Official Fantàstic - Special Screenings
Original language: English