The Girl in the Photographs

de Nick Simon


In one of those sleepy towns where nothing ever happens, a psychopath has started to slaughter young women, taking pictures of their (not so beautiful) bodies in positions that “pay homage” to the snapshots by  famous photographer who shares more than one similarity with Terry Richardson. A highly ironic psycho-thriller that delivers the occasional stab to the fashion world.


Nick Simon

An American Film Institute graduate, he debuted in feature length with Removal (10). He also participated in the screenplays for Cold Comes the Night (13) and The Pyramid (14).

Technical information

UNITED STATES, 2015DirectorNick SimonProducersThomas Mahoney, Andrea ChungScreenplayOsgood Perkins, Robert Morast, Nick SimonCinematographyDean CundeyCastKal Penn, Claudia Lee

Edition: 2015
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: English