The Mind's Eye

de Joe Begos


In the year 1990, telekinesis is becoming more and more frequent. Dr. Slovak runs an institution that claims to help people who, like Zack, need to learn to live with this kind of ability. But Zack will soon discover that the doctor actually has a hidden agenda. Since the movie Scanners, the powers of the mind hadn’t been this spectacular. And bloodthirsty.


Joe Begos

Born in Rhode Island, Begos worked as a scene director on Re-Animator: The Musical, a theater adaptation of Stuart Gordon’s legendary film. After making the short film Bad Moon Rising (11) he now debuts in feature length with Almost Human (13).

Technical information

UNITED STATES, 2015DirectorJoe BegosProducersJoe Begos, Josh Ethier, Graham Skipper, Zak ZemanScreenplayJoe BegosCinematographyJoe BegosCastGraham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Cart

Edition: 2015
Section: Panorama Fantàstic
Original language: English