Port of Call

de Philip Yung



Chi-chung meets Jiamei over the Internet. He’s a trucker. She works as an escort. The two of them establish a virtual relationship that ends in a tragic encounter: when they finally see each other, she tells him she wants to die and he winds up strangling her. The cop in charge of the case will attempt to discover the truth. A film that tries to shed some light on the impermeable darkness of a true story.


Philip Yung

He’s been working in the film industry since the late nineties. He began his career as a producer, and as a director he’s made films like Glamorous (09) and May We Chat (14), presented at different international festivals.

Technical information

HONG KONG, 2015DirectorPhilip Yung ProducersJulia Chu, Kingman Cho, Esther KooScreenplayPhilip Yung CinematographyChristopher DoyleCastAaron Kwok, Jessie Li

Edition: 2015
Section: Oficial Òrbita
Original language: Cantonese