Schneider vs. Bax

de Alex van Warmerdam


Schneider, a hired killer, reluctantly accepts a job on his birthday. Among other things, because the target shouldn’t be causing him much trouble: he’s Ramon Bax, a writer who lives alone and who woke up hungover this morning with his young lover by his side and his daughter Francisca about to arrive. A couple of years ago, Van Warmerdam left Sitges with first prize under his arm; now he’s back again with a humor that’s blacker than ever.


Alex van Warmerdam

Haarlem, 1952. Studied painting and design in Amsterdam. Between the seventies and the eighties, he founded two theater companies with his brother. He debuted in 1986 with Abel, screened in Venice. Other outstanding films: Little Tony (98), Grimm (03) and Borgman, best feature length at Sitges 2013.

Technical information

THE NETHERLANDS / BELGIUM, 2015DirectorAlex van WarmerdamProducerAlex van WarmerdamScreenplayAlex van WarmerdamCinematographyTom ErismanVisual effectsDennis Kleyn, Albert van VuureCastAnette Malherbe, Alex van Warmerdam

Edition: 2015
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: Dutch