Elstree 1976

de Jon Spira


We are living in times of prosperity as far as Star Wars is concerned, with the premiere of new films that will go on to enrich the saga’s mythology. However, there are still other stories to be told, like the one about the many different extras who participated in the shooting of the foundational trilogy, the ones wearing the legendary storm trooper outfits. It’s time to meet the faces beneath the icon.


Jon Spira

He’s produced different types of audiovisual material for the British Film Institute, besides working as a music video screenwriter and director. He debuted in feature length with the documentary about the Oxford music scene Anyone Can Play Guitar (11).

Technical information

UNITED KINGDOM, 2015DirectorJon SpiraProducerHank StarrsScreenplayJon SpiraCinematographySonny MalhotraWithDavid Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch

Edition: 2015
Section: Panorama Documenta
Original language: English