I Am a Hero

de Shinsuke Sato


Hideo is a cartoonist with a miserable life. One day, his girlfriend kicks him out of the house and, a few hours later, pounces on him, transformed into an aggressive zombie. It will be the first sign that the world around him is going to pieces. Sitges presents the premiere of the eagerly-awaited adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa’s manga, giving the original, atrocious undead in the drawings volume and (twisted) movement.


Shinsuke Sato

Born in Hiroshima, he studied Art at Musashino University. His filmography includes hits like the two parts of Gantz (11), I am a Hero (16) and Death Note. Light up the New World (16).

Technical information

JAPAN, 2015DirectorShinsuke SatoScreenplayAkiko NogiCinematographyTaro KawazuSpecial effectsMakoto KamiyaSpecial Makeup effectsKakusei FujiwaraCastYô Ôizumi, Kasumi Arimur2016 “I AM A HERO” Film Partners  - All Rights Reaserved

Edition: 2015
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: Japanese