La Novia

de Paula Ortiz


The Bride is getting ready to marry The Groom, but in her heart she longs to be with Leonardo. The air grows tenser in the white dessert and with every step, the two of them move closer and closer to tragedy. The Bride is based on the immortal Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca, wrapping the poet’s words in visual ecstasy.


Paula Ortiz

Zaragoza, 1979. A doctor in film screenplay writing theory, she studied film directing in New York and at UCLA. After directing several short films, she debuted in feature length with De tu ventana a la mía (11).

Technical information

SPAIN / GERMANY, 2015DirectorPaula OrtizProducersAlex Lafuente, Rosana TomásScreenplayPaula Ortiz, Javier García ArredondoCinematographyMigue AmoedoCastInma Cuesta, Álex García

Edition: 2015
Section: Noves Visions One Inauguration
Original language: Spanish