A heatwave is ravaging Greece. In a coastal town, the atmosphere is becoming strained, charged with a violence that’s close to exploding. Ashraf, a taciturn immigrant, arrives there to house-sit a home during its owners’ absence. While driving down a dusty road, a cop pulls him over to check his papers... Blind Sun is a highly intriguing film, one that cultivates the atmosphere under a scorching sun. 


Joyce A. Nashawati

Studied filmmaking in the United Kingdom and Paris, where she obtained a scholarship to develop her thesis. She directed the shorts The Umbrella (08), The Bite (10, award winner in Gerardmer) and On Leave (13). Blind Sun is her feature debut.

Technical information

FRANCE / GREECE, 2015DirectorJoyce A. NashawatiProducersFenia Cossovitsa, Philippe Akoka, Alain Peyrollaz,Vincent Brançon, Lionel Guedj, Dominique MarzottoScreenplayJoyce A. NashawatiCinematographyYorgos ArvanitisCastZiad Bakri, Yannis Stankoglou

Edition: 2015
Section: Noves Visions Plus
Original language: