OMG, I'm a Robot?!

de Tal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak



Danny’s a sensitive guy, so sensitive that he even cries watching the end of Home Alone. Plus he’s depressed: his girl left him and he doesn’t know why. To put an end to his agony, he tries to slit his wrists, and right then he discovers there’s hardly anything human about him and that he’s actually a robot. To top it off, his ex-girlfriend has disappeared; of course Danny now knows he can use his robotic powers to get her back.


Tal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak

Goldberg has enjoyed a long career as a scriptwriter for international TV stations, YouTube channels and videogames. Zelezniak created the Offscreen web series. Omg, I'm a Robot is the feature debut for both of them.

Technical information

ISRAEL, 2016

DirectorTal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak

ProducerAmir Manor

ScreenplayTal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak

CinematographyTomer Shani

CastYotam Ishay, Hili Yalon

Edition: 2016
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: