A cop transfers a wounded man to a small hospital, where it won’t take long for violence to erupt. The few doctors and patients there find themselves surrounded by a group of hooded men and threatened by a strange creature growing in the hospital. Spawn of the very best Carpenter, The Void is veritable feast of drool and guts, and the triumphant return of horror with monsters not born from a computer’s womb.


Steven Kostanski, Jeremy Gillespie

Kostanski made a name for himself doing special effects makeup and picked up, for example, an award in Sitges for The Divide (11); he debuted as a director with Manborg (11). Gillespie has a long track record as a visual designer and composer and directed Father's Day (11).

Technical information

CANADA, 2016

DirectorSteven Kostanski, Jeremy Gillespie 

ProducersCasey Walker, Peter Kuplowsky 

ScreenplaySteven Kostanski, Jeremy Gillespie

CinematographySamy Inayeh

Special EffectsSteven Kostanski, Tony Chapell, Damon Bishop, Zane Kinsely 

CastAaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh

Edition: 2016
Section: Oficial Fantàstic Competición
Original language: English