Bad Blood: The Movie

de Tim Reis



A young woman runs into a scientist turned homicidal at a gas station. The girl disappears, and her family hires a private eye who uses highly unorthodox methods to track her down, but her condition isn’t precisely the one they’re all expecting. The crew that delighted us with The Demon's Rook and The Mind's Eye is back in business with a werewolf story that’s an all-out throwback to monster flicks. 


Tim Reis

He’s the producer, editor and cinematographer on The Demon's Rook (13) and the short Goat Witch (14), directed by James Sizemore and screened in Sitges. Bad Blood: The Movie is his debut feature film.

Technical information

UNITED STATES, 2016DirectorTim Reis

ProducersTim Reis, Michael Bremer, James Sizemore

ScreenplayTim Reis

CinematographyJohn Manfredi, Michael Bremer

Special Make Up EffectsJames Sizemore

WithMary Malloy, Vikas Adam

Edition: 2016
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: English