While the Women Are Sleeping (Mientras ellas duermen)

de Wayne Wang



A writer becomes obsessed with the relationship between a young woman and a man who, night after night, videotapes the girl while she’s asleep. Wayne Wang borrowed a short story by Javier Marías and relocated it to Japan, where he found the perfect actor to play the mysterious man: Takeshi Kitano. Together, they created a film that straddles the divide between perversity and the oneiric and that revolves around watching and being watched.


Wayne Wang

Hong Kong, 1949. He studied film in Oakland, and took his first steps as a filmmaker on the fringes of the industry. His collaboration with Paul Auster in Smoke (95) and in Blue in the Face (95) culminated in his definitive claim to fame.

Technical information

JAPAN, 2016

DirectorWayne Wang 

ProducerYukie Kito 

ScreenplayMichael K. Ray, Shinho Lee, Mami Sunada

CinematographyAtsuhiro Nabeshima

CastBeat Takeshi, Hidetoshi Nishijima

Edition: 2016
Section: Noves Visions One
Original language: Japanese