The Greasy Strangler

de Jim Hosking


Classified as this season’s most “what the fuck?” movie, this blend of comedy and slasher tells the story of the mishaps of Ronnie and Brayden, father and son, who see their relationship fall apart when Janet comes into their lives and a competition starts between them to win her over. Meanwhile, a greasy strangler threatens the neighborhood and impregnates this film born to bear the cult label with scatological fragrances.


Jim Hosking

He shot a segment of ABCs of Death 2 (14). With shorts like Renegades (10), he shook up festivals like Sundance, and with the feature film The Greasy Strangler (16), he introduced himself to Sitges’ audience.

Technical information


DirectorJim Hosking 

ProducersElijah Wood, Tim League, Ant Timpson, Andy Starke, Josh Waller, Daniel Noah 

ScreenplayJim Hosking, Toby Harvard

CinematographyMarten Tedin

Special Make Up EffectsDoug Brown, Todd Tucker, Bianca Appice, Martin Astles, Michelle Sfarzo

WithMichael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar

Edition: 2016
Section: Noves Visions One
Original language: English